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Our Focus

Circuit Design

Analog Circuit Design

Whether you need a power supply design or a motion detection circuit, we can design to your specifications!

Digital Circuit Design

Maybe you design will require a microcontroller. We love working in the Arduino enviroment and this open-source electronics platform is tried and true and results in a beautiful simplicity that is unmatched to others.

System Design

Have an idea? We love to discuss new concepts and turn them into a real project. Whether you have an invention or a current design that needs some tweaking, we can talk!

Design Optimization

If there is prototype siting on your bench and you’re ready to take it to the next level, let us help optimize the design and get it ready for manufacturing. We will optimize the bill of materials and source certified PCB fabrication and assembly houses to mass produce your design!

LED Lighting Applications

We want to put LEDs on everything! LEDs are very versatile so it’s no wonder why they have become so popular!

PCB Layout

Single & Double Sided

If you have a simple schematic or specific requirements for your PCB to be single sided, that’s no problem! We can make sure that everything fits, where you need it!

Mixed Signal

We understand that not all boards are just analog or just digital. Many of the designs today incorporate both disciplines. From past experiences in military applications we know that layout is that main concern.


With a lot of designs that require multiple power supplies, a multiple layered PCB is the way to go. We are fully capable of routing a multi-layer board. A 4-6 layer board is typical but there’s always room for more!

Through-Hole & Surface Mount Components

Many designs require both through-hole components and surface mount components. We focus on whatever will be the most cost effective and easy to manufacture. Typically, surface mount parts are the most cost effective as they can be used in pick and place machines which helps assembly costs.

Wire Harness Design

Point to Point

If you need to get from point A to point B, we’re here to help. We’ll design and source to best components for your application.

Point to Several Points

We’re accustom to signals and power going to several different locations in a system. If your application requires specific connectors or even electrical assemblies in the loop, we can make it happen!

Military Grade Details

From our military background, our wire harness documentation is second to none. Attention to detail to wire harnesses is important to get it right the first time.

Signal Integrity

Twisted Pairs, Twisted Triples, Coax. Having a deep understand about how signals are carried across a wire is very important to making a proper wire harness. We can design from scratch or make suggestions as to how to improve current wire harnesses that need revisions.

Electronic Repair

Power Tools

Knowledge of electronics can span several industries and dealing with power tools is no exception.

Kids Toys

Let’s face it, kids toys break. Don’t throw it out, call us!

Household Items

There are several home electronics that just need a little love to get back to working condition. We can help!